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  • Apr 2024
    Very good car reliable and smooth on the road
    —Tracee T - 2013 Subaru XV I L
  • Apr 2024
    Was looking for a lower fuel consumption than my 2006 Forester and felt at ease driving the XV.
    —Alister S - 2013 Subaru XV 2.0i-L Eyesight 4WD
  • Mar 2024
    Very tidy vehicle, drives extremely well.
    —Michael M - 2013 Subaru XV 2.0i-L Eyesight 4WD
  • Feb 2024
    The xv have a very good performance and safety rating,wish I bought one earlier.
    —Bruce C - 2013 Subaru Xv 2.0I 4WD
  • Feb 2024
    Can turn all the safety peeps etc off, handy. Great little runner. Good height from road. Can use a bit more fuel running around city but I think that's standard.
    —Diane M - 2013 Subaru XV 2.0i-L 4WD Eyesight
  • Feb 2024
    Good reliable car
    —David B - 2013 Subaru XV 2.0i-L 4WD Hybrid EyeSight
  • Feb 2024
    We have two Subaru XV's (and one outback) and love the XV for it's size and handling. A great car to teach teenagers to drive in and for their first car, but also a great "Mum Taxi" for zipping around town. Very fuel efficient.
    —Angela H - 2013 Subaru XV 2.0lt 4WD Eyesight with Roof Rails
  • Feb 2024
    The 2013 Subaru XV is an amazing car! I was upgrading from my 2001 3L 6 cylinder Subaru Outback and as I live quite far out of the city and commute I was looking for something that would be both safe on the open road and more economical on fuel consumption. I still needed a vehicle that gave me the clearance and space to do things the outback could. With a small compromise on boot space (which I actually don't mind) the XV does just that!
    —Ellen C - 2013 Subaru Xv
  • Feb 2024
    Reliable and spacious.
    —Marian P - 2013 Subaru XV
  • Feb 2024
    Like a mini SUV, comfortable, spacious
    —Michael S - 2013 Subaru XV 2.0 Hybrid
  • Jan 2024
    I’m very happy with my Subaru XV. Drives super smooth, reasonably fuel efficient and very stylish looking
    —REN I - 2013 Subaru XV 2.0I-L EYESIGHT AWD 3YearWarrantyFree
  • Dec 2023
    Very good car, little higher than most
    —Philip M - 2013 Subaru XV HYBRID 2.0I-L EYESIGHT 4WD
  • Dec 2023
    smart looking fuel efficient and handling is excellent.
    —Anthony H - 2013 Subaru XV Hybrid
  • Nov 2023
    We were very keen to get a hybrid, and needed to all wheel drive. The XV is the perfect vehicle for us.
    —Michael B - 2013 Subaru XV 2.0i-L 4WD Hybrid EyeSight
  • Nov 2023
    The vehicle is a great small to medium sized suv.
    —William T - 2013 Subaru XV 2.0L SPORTS 4WD
  • Oct 2023
    Great car, good space and interior and also good on gas, would recommend this car
    —Ishmael A - 2013 Subaru XV
  • Oct 2023
    It's Hybrid! Economy on 17" wheels and you don't have to plug it in. AWD!
    —John S - 2013 Subaru XV 2.0i-L 4WD Hybrid EyeSight
  • Sep 2023
    Incredible all rounder, looking forward to taking it round the city, up the ski field and off to various hiking trails
    —Shaun S - 2013 Subaru XV Hybrid
  • Sep 2023
    Great little car. Sits well and travels well on the road. Good fuel economy on open road & as a commuting vehicle
    —Justine M - 2013 Subaru XV
  • Aug 2023
    Reasonably powerful with hybrid motor. Cornering performance limited by softroader configuration. Capable on skifield roads. Fuel economy no different from non hybrid model, but performs better.
    —Andrew H - 2013 Subaru XV Hybrid 2.0i-L Eyesight
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